about Us

What is BTF?

We are a small team of London based musicians, directors, producers and editors that are passionate about film and developing an artist’s vision. We have experience from both sides of the fence, as musicians and filmmakers we make sure your ideas are brought to life whilst maintaining high production value and using cutting edge technology and equipment.

We are constantly learning and evolving as filmmakers. We are not scared to walk on experimental ground, that other production companies may fear to tread.

We understand that budgets can vary, we offer video production services that can be tailored to suit any size or budget.

We are always open to collaborations, so if you like the cut of our jib, get in touch!

What We Do


Script development, storyboarding, casting, location scouting, props, equipment, crew, creative, shot list etc.


Overseeing and coordinating various aspects of film production. Managing crews and liaising with clients.


Professional film production services providing high-quality video. From Celluloid film to Ultra HD and 4K.

Events/Live Streams

Gigs, fundraisers, Dj sets, shows, partys, etc.

Video Editing

Visual effects, graphics, animation and sound design.

Colour Grading

Correction, shot matching, style and looks.

'Real' Film

Super 8mm , 16mm, VHS filming and editing for that retro look.

VJ Services

We create and project visuals for your event , using our own equipment.

The Team

Funk Cutter




"Music is life, and life is not a business."


"uniquely styled, bespoke and intuitive"

"I love the edge and class that BT consistently emanate. Again - my personal story, the theme and restrictions were all taken into account and footage from several different shoots in 2 countries were seamlessly sewn together. The imagery strong, proud and powerful - storytelling with pictures. Black Triangle Films are magic really - uniquely styled, bespoke and intuitive - they take you on a mystery tour every time. I certainly know our journey together isn’t over"

Gene Serene

"The end result exceeded expectations!"

"We had the pleasure of working with BTF, starting with the track "White Reflector" from our album.. DISOBEY.. which was made remotely in lock down. Frank was incredibly patient and it was easy and comfortable to bounce ideas around with her. Her enthusiasm was infectious! The end result exceeded expectations! We could have not asked for more! In fact we liked it so much we have since made three more videos with BTF, "Ratshit Man, "Scabs Still Forming" and "Junk Yard Doggie" The attention to detail and understanding of the tracks were second to none. Not to mention great value for your money!! Very highly recommended.

Mark Charles and the White Reflectors


"They transformed our plain old Dogshite video in to the DOGS BOLLOX!! Thank you so much."

Chris & Carm (Dogshite)